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Lubricants & Greases


We are pleased to inform that Chemtech is introducing a new product line called BioMade, which will be produced in the USA and is targeted for Lubricant use.

The BioMade product line is based on natural derived substances which are biodegradable.

BioMade-7498 for example is a mixed ester base stock synthesized using saturated acids derived from natural sources. These esters have excellent high temperature stability, low temperature properties, lubricity, low volatility and a high viscosity Index. It is an excellent lubricant base stock for both oils and greases.

We have samples of BioMade-7498 available for product approval. Please also find a CoA of a BioMade-7498 sample.

Please also check our BioMade Basestock Product List for an overview of the other possible varieties of BioMade we have available.



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