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Paints & Dye stuffs


Chemtech is among others the exclusive distributor in the Middle East for a Dutch well-known and leading manufacturer, with extensive finishing options, well acquainted with carefully selected factories all over the world for almost any dye for almost any application.

Our principal entered the market already back in 1946 as a manufacturer for synthetic dyes for the textile industry. Thanks to years of good contacts with users and manufacturers around the world, their product range is nowadays expanded with dyes for Leather, Paper and other non-textile applications and today it covers dyes for a wide variety of applications. Meanwhile, their current activities are supported by staff with a wealth of experience, both in the field of development and application.

We invite you to send your inquiry to or call us at +31-20-671 5656 so we can determine whether the dye you are looking for, is in our standard product range.

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